Thursday, April 14, 2005

Commentary from the Heritage Foundation

The L.A. Times published this commentary Tuesday.

The debate over Social Security reform so far has centered on the concern that, as the number of retirees balloons, the program won't be able to pay its promised benefits. That certainly is a crisis that must be addressed. But let's say, for argument's sake, that Social Security's finances were in great shape. Would reform still be necessary?

Yes, because of a bigger crisis that has nothing to do with the program's solvency. It's a personal crisis affecting millions of American working families: The program designed for the 1930s is shortchanging them and eroding their ability to save.

Oh, yeah. A wealthy commentator who is spouting a line for the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation wants the poor and lower middle class to be free of taxes so that they actually have more money to save for their own retirement.

Blue Sky Bull Crap.

When my kids were small, there was no way I could save. If I didn't have FICA tax taken out of my check and a pension for my work, I'd have nothing. And I represent 30% to 50% of the workers in this nation. That's why Social Security was needed in the first place!

Just remember, Stuart Butler doesn't give a rat's ass for you or me. All he wants is more power and more wealthy people to pay him to spout his idiocy. As far as he is concerned each of us is entirely on his own, and empathy for others is quite beyond him.


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