Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Boston Globe & Weekly Standard on the Politics of the SS Fight

There hasn't been anything substantive published on Bush's Social Security phase out initiative for a while now. All that's left is to discuss the politics as they play out.

Essentially now it is the Democrats refusing to go along with the Republicans and the Republicans trying one new scam after another to peel off a few (Republican term - "moderate" -- Democratic term - "turncoat") democrats so that they can claim a bipartisan solution. The Boston Globe has this as the latest example. And why are the Democrats refusing to go along with anything the Republicans suggest?

Two reasons. First, it is no secret that the Republicans have wanted to phase out Social Security since it started and they see this as their chance to do it. Second, there hasn't been a single major initiative pushed through by the Republicans in the last four years in which the Republicans have dealt in good faith with the Democrats. How many times does Lucy have to snatch away the football at the last minute? Why should Democrats try to deal with people they can't trust?

Dealing with the Republicans on Social Security is not something that will benefit either the Nation or the Democrats. How do you deal realistically with someone as unethical as DeLay, Frist, or Bush? Answer? You don't.

Anyway, here is the Weekly Standard's latest screed on the subject.


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