Saturday, April 09, 2005

Down to the Politics Now.

This is from the International Herald Tribune. Hans Reimer of Rock the Vote states the following:

“To us, it's totally black and white," Reimer said. "This is the first generation ever that would be asked to pay for their own retirement and Social Security at the same time. This is what private accounts do. They saddle young people with an unfair burden."

Then we get the opposition:

Others vehemently disagree. Nicholas Tyszka, a Chicago-based Republican strategist, said that despite the difference in their demographics, it was not surprising that AARP and Rock the Vote were on the same side. "Both are extremely liberal organizations that use scare tactics to affect public policy," he said.

Finally the newspaper offers poll results:

Young adults have been strong backers of Bush's proposal for months, but a poll released last week by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press shows that support is slipping. Support among those ages 18 to 29 dipped from about 7 in 10 to just under half. A quarter of young adults said that they were unsure how they felt about such personal accounts. (AP)

As I stated in my earlier blog, the facts are all out in public and there isn’t anything new there. All that is left that is new is the twists and turns of politics as failing efforts are replaced by new efforts.

Above, Reimer makes a statement of fact and Tyszka has no retort except to claim Rock the Vote and the AARP are liberal organizations using scare tactics to influence policy. When the facts are scare tactics, do you really want to let the Republicans install their program? If you let them do it, you will pay twice for an inadequate retirement from Whatever they leave of Social Security.

Don’t expect facts from the conservatives, because they simply don’t have any to offer. When a politician has no facts or loses on the facts, then he attacks his opponent. Expect a lot of attacks in the near future.


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