Sunday, April 10, 2005

Public education or propaganda?

How much is Bush charging the taxpayers to convince them to scrap Social Security? Sixty cities in sixty days, and you and I are paying for every city of it. Of course, don’t show up with a Democratic t-shirt or even a Democratic sticker on your car bumper because the Pres doesn’t like opposition and they won’t let you in. Not even if you have a ticket and a reservation. We are all paying for it, but it is really only for Republicans and any other sycophants they can find

The Washington Post has a story on what is known so far.

”The Bush administration's ongoing Social Security blitz is unusual in scale in the selling of a domestic policy, mobilizing the president and vice president, four Cabinet secretaries and 17 lesser officials, down to an associate director of strategic planning for the White House budget office.
“It also may be one of the most costly in memory, well into the millions of dollars, according to some rough, unofficial calculations.


“The Treasury Department has hired four full-time employees to help run the show, including establishing a new Web site,, and a war room, dubbed the Social Security Information Center. Yesterday, Treasury held a first-ever "radio day," opening its ornate Cash Room and 28 administration officials to nearly 30 radio talk-show hosts.”

There’s a law that prohibits the government for expending funds for propaganda. Since this is so clearly just for the Republican Party, it seems to me that the expenses for this campaign should not be paid by taxpayers.


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Good stuff

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Of course, I agree :)


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