Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Social Security Crisis? Don't buy it!

If you read the political rhetoric out of the White House ahd the rest of the Republican Party, then you know that Social Security is about to collapse. Unfortunately, the Republicans in the White House have begun to direct the Social Security Administration itself to -- not really lie, but to cherry-pick the most negative possible interpretations of fact and present only those. [Sounds like the reasons they gave to invade Iraq, doesn't it?]

If you read real analysis by (non-political) economists and actuaries who haven't been paid for their statements by the Republican Party, you know that Social Security works today and will almost certainly continue to do so as long as we need it to, but may require a little tinkering sometime in the out years. This is the reality of Social Security.

Go look at There is no Crisis for a short listing of some of the ways the Bush people are misleading Americans to get us to do what they want us to do.

Just remember. Bush lied about WMD because he wanted to invade Iraq, and even sent Colin Powell to the UN to lie to them to get them to support his Iraq invasion. He lied about the deficit to get tax cuts for the wealthy passed. He lied to Japan and South Korea about North Korea selling nuclear materials to Libya to get them to put pressure on North Korea to do what he wanted. Christ - has he EVER told the truth?

With a record like that, no one with any sense will believe him - nor should they. Don't ever believe a serial liar. That person can't help himself. He will lie again. Just remember that.


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