Thursday, March 17, 2005

Whose Social Security Plan to be First?

GWB said it today in his Press Briefing. He hasn't submitted a plan, and he won't. The first plan to get to capital hill is dead on arrival.

Kevin Drum also makes the point that there are two visions out there for Social Security "reform." They are:

Bush: Private accounts in which people assume the risk of investing their retirement savings is a must. Everything else is on the table.

Democrats: Guaranteed minimum retirement benefits are a must. Everything else is on the table.

I guess everything else is negotiable. (Ha!)

But if you listened to the press briefing today, GWB was lying again about how soon the problem becomes important. Though I'll admit that I don't think he realizes it. He is reading what he was handed, and parroting what he memorized. He hasn't looked at the report by the Social Security Actuaries himself, or the better one from the Congressional Budget Office. He only reads summaries and listens to briefings.


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