Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bush's assumptions on SS Phase-out

Josh Marshall has a really good blog on why the Bush-initiated Social Seciurity phase out has failed.

"Unsurprisingly, Bush approached Social Security privatization in the same spirit. The strategy was to divide up the electorate and appeal to each segment in very self-interested terms. They would neutralize seniors with the assurance that their benefits wouldn’t be touched. The young would be lured in with promises of amassing great fortunes in private accounts. Blacks would be peeled off from the Democratic coalition with bogus claims that Social Security harms them disproportionately. And Wall Street and other businesses, who smelled large profits down the road, would pony up tens of millions of dollars to fund the whole campaign.

"But it hasn’t worked. And the main reason is that the public is not quite as selfish as the conservatives thought."

That really tells you how selfish and completely out of touch with America (and, in my opinion, with humanity) Bush and the Republicans really are.


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