Sunday, May 01, 2005

Today's Washington Post Editorial

Today the Washington Post presented an editorial that started out:

Sunday, May 1, 2005; Page B06

FOR THE past three months Democrats have declined to engage in a debate over Social Security. President Bush proposed a way of giving workers the option, but not the obligation, of saving some of their Social Security money in personal accounts. While he was crisscrossing the country in an attempt to prepare voters for unsettling change, Democrats offered no proposals of their own, saying that Mr. Bush should first come forward with a plan to plug Social Security's long-term deficit. In his news conference on Thursday, Mr. Bush took a first step toward offering such a plan. It is time for Democrats to reciprocate.

[Underlining mine - RB]

I disagree. This is not a debate. This is George W. Bush's initiative, and he hasn't made his case that there is a crisis that has to be dealt with at this moment.

Having not made his case that a major overhaul of Social Security is immediately necessary, his radical and excessively expensive "solutions" to the non-crisis do not need to be debated. His refusal to accept any plan that does not include his unnecessary, expensive and federal-deficit-increasing private accounts clearly demonstrates his lack of seriousness on the Social Security issue.

The Democrats do not need to reciprocate. Bush's poll ratings are all the reciprocation that is presently needed. The man needs to stop his silliness and get on to resolving the problems that are really important such as Healthcare costs and payment systems, the federal deficit, the trade deficit, the energy problem and get Iraq finished up and us out of there.

Bush has more than enough work on his plate that is important right now. He needs to quit fooling around with his Social Security silliness and get to doing real work. Unless it is "too hard" for him, of course.


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