Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rally to support Social Security

The Americans United to Support Social Security is holding a rally in Washington D.C. from 1:00 PM to 3:15 PM.


More politics. The real issues have been long exposed, and the low polls for the Bush White House are a result of the popular decision that he is wrong. These efforts against his program are going to need to be continued, though, because Bush has a tactic of continuing to push long after good sense would indicate that he should quit. This has occasionally resulted in his opposition weakening and giving at least some of what he wants.

Remember also that the Bush White House is all political operation and little or no policy operation. A policy to them is the basis for the real action, a political campaign. That is why Bush has refused to present a plan on Social Security, and has told the Congress to come up with one.

Mere policy-making is below the Bush people. We can all see how well that worked for Jerry Bremer with the CPI he ran in Iraq. They set all the conditions for the insurgency to get big and never saw it coming.

Why should they? Their politics is about getting everyone to do things their way, not figuring out why there is opposition. That would require understanding their opponents, who are by definition wrong. Why learn the wrong things from your opponents?

My bet is that Bush will still be pushing for Social Security phase-out until he leaves office. Also, like his father, he will continue to ignore real problems we all face if we are not in the Bush family.


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