Friday, April 29, 2005

Bob Brigham on last nights Bush Social Security speech

Bob Brigham of "There is no crisis" has the following to say about Bush's speech last night:

Bush Plan (before press conference)

Benefit Cuts
Privatization (phase-out)

Bush Plan (from press conference)

Benefit Cuts
Privatization (phase-out)

Sound timeless? It is, Bush has been pushing a "fake crisis" as an excuse to gut Social Security since 1978.

But some things do change: the more the people hear of Bush trying to defraud them of their Social Security benefits, the more they hate Bush.

I agree with Bob. But that doesn't mean the Republicans and Bush won't pass some plan to gut the Social Security system subtly over the long term - like the Posner plan Bush announced last night that converts Social Security from a retirement system to a system of welfare for the aged.


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