Friday, March 25, 2005

Washington Post Doesn't Get It

Josh Marshall properly points out the blind and ignorant position that the Washington Post is taking on the Social Security problems. The Post is missing the most important problem.

The Washington Post is looking at the numbers in projections for future years to identify an urgent problem, and ignoring the politics today. Sure there is a problem with paying full benefits in the out years. But the immediate problem is the ideologically-based threat to the very existence of the Social Security System itself.

If people buy into Bush's privatizaton scheme, then there will be no Social Security System to have a problem paying full benefits with in 2042 or whenever. Which problem needs immediate attention the most? The existence of the system itself which is threatened today, or a possible shortfall of tax revenues with which to pay full benefits in four decades?

Thanks to Josh Marshall for pointing out the strange blindness of the Washington Post editorial writers.


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