Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Social Security annual report is late

The Social Security Administration is required to publish its annual report each year not later than April 1. It is now April 4th, no report and there is no idea when one will be published. (Matt Yglesias at TPM Cafe.) This is extremely suspicious.

The Social Security Act requires the publication of the Social Security Trustees Report to Congress by April 1 of each year. (The relevant provision can be found here.) Here is what it says:
SEC. 201. [42 U.S.C. 401] (c)(2)
(2)[11] Report to the Congress not later than the first day of April of each year on the operation and status of the Trust Funds during the preceding fiscal year and on their expected operation and status during the next ensuing five fiscal years;

(Atrios reported the legal deadline here and provided the link I reported above.)


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