Thursday, March 09, 2006

New York State Repubs propose improved heatlh care benefits in the state

The Republican-dominated New York state legislature has proposed a major expansion of health care benefits for workers in the state:
The bill would require all companies in the state with one hundred employees or more to provide health care to their employees, or pay a tax of $3 an hour per worker to cover the states expenses in caring for uninsured workers. If enacted, this would be a serious expansion of coverage, extending health care to an estimated 450,000 working New Yorkers, and helping preserve coverage for 3.5 million more where large employers are increasingly threatening to drop coverage.
This is a strong indication of how bad the American health system is.

Too many employers are dropping coverage and leaving health care to whatever the state provides. It's just a money-saving project that gives the companies that do it a cost advantage over their competitors who don't act similarly. That is the classic description of the race to the bottom in employee costs.


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