Thursday, February 02, 2006

Want reasonable healthcare for all Americans?

You can't beat Ted Kennedy's current proposal.

This proposal will provide quality affordable health care for all Americans. It will also take the burden of providing health care off of American employers, while allowing those which wish to provide greater benefits to employees the right to do so.

Bush disagrees.
as he attempted to do last year with his Social Security privatization fiasco, President Bush will try to make the American people believe that the solution to rising health costs is to shift more and more of those costs to ordinary Americans, or to deny care to those in need.
The fact is, health care is the provision of health services in a manner that is not directly related to individual productivity, but which is directly related to keeping workers productive.

Employers should not be directly responsible for health costs outside of those related to workman's compenstation which pays for health costs directly caused by conditions of the workplace. Employers shouold not directly be required to pay for the costs of such things as birth defects. Families need to cover those, but they need insurance that covers it. Their employers should NOT be required to cover that kind of insurance. Society in general should. This is a social cost, not an employment cost.

Kennedies proposal comes a lot closer to applying the costs appropriately than the current structure of insurance does, and it makes American employers a lot more competitive internationally than does the current employer-laden structure.


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