Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why Social Security will soon be destroyed!

Josh Marshall has a compelling story posted on TPM Cafe.

Read it. Then go over to the right side fo this blog and click through to Americans United to Protect Social Security and send them some money.

Then go back and read the comments to Josh's story. Those comments provide a revealing look at how weak the organization of progressive and Democratic causes is. With all the emotion and excitement of MoveOn.org and the Deaniacs prior to the 2004 election, there is No Staying Power!

People who are throwing all their energy on their pet project simply have no time to work for the overall Democratic Party organization, but that particularism kills the Democrats at the polls. No matter how important any particular issue is, if it doesn't make a lot of money so that the proponents can fund lobbyists then the Republicans will not buy in. If Democrats don't win elections then progressives will be on the outside looking in and America will continue down the tubes the way the Republicans are taking us.


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